Orange Silicone Band
Orange Silicone Band

Orange Silicone Band


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Say hello to ‘band together by Nora Fleming’ and help us chip away at causes near and dear to NF!

Nine colorful silicone rims add pizazz to our best-selling melamine chip and dip platter, MEL 15. Each of the colored bands corresponds to a charity that will receive a percentage of the proceeds.

The Ross K. MacNeill Foundation

Our mission to end pediatric brain cancer includes two clear efforts:  to fundraise for research and to increase awareness for the diagnosis.  R33M has channeled all of our efforts directly towards both during our 10 years of work.  Our research investments support work in six of the world’s finest institutions for pediatric brain cancer research and advances in therapies and discoveries have been made that are saving lives.  R33M also participates in national committees, boards and in Washington D.C. to raise understanding for the need for funding research.