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      Follow Your Bliss Jewelry

      Alyssa Kuchta launched f.y.b jewelry while a student at the University of Delaware, hosting her first trunk show on campus with her sorority sisters. Inspired by the positive impact of her sisterhood, her small business background working at boutique retail establishments, and her passion for beautiful design - Alyssa launched f.y.b as a way of combining the things she loved. Upon graduating in 2012, she opened her first brick and mortar pop up shop at the iconic Bryant Park market in Manhattan that holiday season and never looked back.

      Today f.y.b is sold in 300+ retail stores, has a growing brand ambassador program at college campuses across the country, and has been featured in Glamour Magazine, The Huffington Post, and NYLON to name a few. Recognizing the value of a strong female network in growing her business, Alyssa founded the company’s college brand ambassador program to provide the same sense of community to other young women, allowing them to build their resume in a meaningful way while building confidence in themselves and having access to mentorship and opportunities.

      Handcrafted with semi-precious stones, 14k gold plated charms, and meaningful packaging - the f.y.b collection is designed to inspire women at any stage of life - whether a personal reminder to “keep aiming” for her goals, a fun bracelet set for a mother and daughter to share and feel connected by, or a pair of earrings that just make her feel beautiful - empowering women to follow their bliss through meaningful jewelry and positive female community is the heart and soul of the f.y.b brand.

      37 products

      37 products